How to fix ‘Excel cannot open the file because the file format or extension is not valid’ issue?

The JSON syntax is derived from JavaScript object notation syntax, but the JSON format is text only. Code for reading and generating JSON data can be written in any programming language. Atom is a text editor created by GitHub for use on multiple platforms and is a bit more complex than a standard editor. It can see page be used to open many different kinds of files and is very user-friendly providing contextual syntax highlighting. Because of these features, this is a great medium-tier editor for viewing and manipulating JSON files as well as many other file types. So we’ve read the file content first using read() method, and then we pass it to json.loads() function to parse it.

  • Under the Type of fileoption, you can see the file type or extension of the file.
  • Bank of America, Chase, and Wells Fargo each have unique systems for the execution of batch payments.
  • You can also browse your computer for the XML file or load one from a URL.

All users have a unique ID number, which we will send as part of the request to this URL. To show how JSON works in a real-world example, let’s load photos from Flickr using jQuery and the JSON version of Flickr’s “Latest” photo feed.

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Vim is the famous successor of the Vi editor of UNIX. It is a free file opener software that lets you view and make changes to your file. However, they ended up creating various versions of editors for different systems, including Windows and Mac. JSON files have a .json extension attached to the file name. Similar to XML, it is a data representation format. Since it is easy to store data and configuration files in this format, most people use it.

But a balance must be struck between the time it takes to create a program and the time the program takes to machine a part. It has become easier and faster to make just a few parts on the newer machines with much memory. This has taken its toll on both hand programmers and manual machinists.


If you have opened documents or checked pictures, you may notice these letters. For example, if a file is named as awesome.doc, .doc is the file extension, which indicates that this file is created with Microsoft Word. To extract the file extensions from the cells, the following formula can do you a favor. If you have a column of file names which including file extensions, and now, you would like to get only the file extensions from the cells for some purpose. To extract them one by one manually will be too tiresome, today, I will introduce you some easy tricks to complete it. An XLA file is an add-in used by Microsoft Excel, a spreadsheet application included in the Microsoft Office suite. It is used to add additional commands and features to Excel.

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