Perimenopausal contraception in Turkish female: A combination-sectional studies

Perimenopausal contraception in Turkish female: A combination-sectional studies

Epidemiologic studies show you to definitely perimenopausal birth prevention is a vital medical material, as lady in the perimenopause however you desire effective birth-control. The objective of the analysis was to measure the contraception alternatives off perimenopausal Turkish females.

That is a descriptive mix-sectional study you to in the a non – random fashion hired 202 perimenopausal and of course menopause women who stayed within the a residential district part of Istanbul. Ladies who took part were escort Gainesville aged ranging from forty five–59 yrs . old. Chief databases familiar with choose the best professionals on the area. Victims just who voluntarily participated in the research have been questioned within their home because of the specialist. The research of your analysis was examined having fun with percentages.

Overall performance

The newest part of sexually effective females one of the players try 87.6%. A large vast majority – 80.2% – of members didn’t have people idea of after they will be offer birth control to a finish. The procedure most often put is detachment (Coitus Interruptus), represented by 38.8%. Regarding the participants’ choices of medical birth control, people are made use of was basically this new IUD (twenty four.3%), tubal sterilization (8.9%), condom (5.9%) and COC (6.4%). At the same time, 18% of women used other conventional strategies and genital lavage, genital aspirin, as well as sticking a small sponge presoaked which have new lemon liquid or soda strong into the pussy. One of several perimenopausal women who participated, the fresh IUD was the best and you can appropriate contraception strategy.


Very perimenopausal Turkish women are still playing with old-fashioned actions and you will ladies information about contraceptive throughout the menopausal values is extremely restricted. Health professionals ought to provide details about perimenopausal birth prevention.


Perimenopause marks the change out-of typical ovulation so you can anovulation and in the end to help you permanent death of ovarian means. Fecundity, the typical month-to-month odds of conception, declines by the 1 / 2 of around this new mid-forties; but not, females into the perimenopause nonetheless you desire energetic contraceptive. Epidemiologic studies show you to definitely perimenopausal birth prevention is an important medical topic [1–7]. With respect to the Turkey Demography and you will Fitness Questionnaire (TDHS) study, 23.6% and you can 50.1% out-of Turkish girls between age 40–forty-two and you may 45–44 respectively commonly protected against conception .

Women in its 40s are still probably fruitful, and you may pregnancy contained in this age bracket are went to by the improved risks out of maternal mortality, spontaneous abortion, fetal problems and you may perinatal death. The latest maternal mortality speed in women within forties try five minutes higher than that among women in the twenties while the costs out of impulsive abortion are doubled on 40s group [3, 5, eight, 9, 10].

There isn’t any look into birth prevention choice from perimenopausal feamales in Poultry. The intention of the analysis would be to gauge the birth prevention preferences from perimenopausal Turkish people.


This research is actually prepared since the a descriptive get across-sectional browse. The population of the mix-sectional data contained girls aged forty-five–59 age exactly who lived in a residential district area of Istanbul. The fresh new inclusion criterion into the lookup sample are a brief history from amenorrhea for under couple of years certainly one of perimenopausal female aged 45–59 decades. Captain databases used to select the proper professionals regarding region. In the research months ranging from , 240 ladies who found the fresh inclusion standards regarding section was basically welcome to your data and you may 202 women that volunteered to participate about analysis had been included in the comfort attempt non-at random. Subjects was indeed questioned within their homes because of the specialist.

Turkish ladies’ menopause decades were taken into consideration when this many years category try chose. Women who had had a surgical menopausal was indeed excluded. Females had been told towards reason for the research and you may advice regarding anonymity, privacy, and you will agree is within the need. The new created ethical approval try obtained from brand new ethical opinion panel of the Istanbul University.

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