Within our investigation, results showed that level of waterpipes smoked weekly was notably of high nomophobia

Within our investigation, results showed that level of waterpipes smoked weekly was notably of high nomophobia

Waterpipe smoking is actually a favorite interest when you look at the Lebanese community, 31 and Lebanon contains the large smoking costs from the Arab part 52 that have a projected 53% of inhabitants aged > 19 decades are latest cigarette smokers 52 and 29% becoming waterpipe cigarette smokers. 53 Waterpipes, labeled as hookah, argileh, shisha, goza, hubble-ripple, and you may narghile, come into different sizes and you will differences however, mostly put a good tube, sky valve, hose pipe which have a good mouthpiece, saucer, and a bowl in which the delicacies, primarily cigarette, are burnt. 54 The latest tobacco cigarette used is named “hookah cigarette smoking” or “mouassal,” and that converts off Arabic to “honeyed” possesses doing 29% tobacco cigarette and 70% honey/sugarcane and glycerol or any other tastes. 55 It may be used from the a single individual however, usually are introduced doing within a circle due to its effectiveness and you may as such can be regarded as a connection activity certainly organizations and you can is looked upon so much more very than simply tobacco.

In this analysis, girls who on a regular basis used using waterpipes was indeed way more browsing meet the prognosis of nomophobia but displayed zero significant experience of cig, reflecting differences between brand of recreation compound play with. The reason why for it difference are different but may feel as waterpipe smoking are a dormant hobby long-term from around 20 to 90 times, providing some body spare time to use its cell phones to have amusement. 29 While you are cig stays one of the most addicting compounds, 56 only waterpipe puffing contributed to nomophobia, also it remains undecided if almost every other ingredients donate to the brand new addicting active out of nomophobia.

Systematic Implications

This study highlights personality traits and practices due to the fact predictors to possess nomophobia and additionally sociodemographic situations. Because the nomophobia grew to become increasingly commonplace regarding educational industry, it is important to acknowledge related what to develop entertaining and you may preventive strategies you to address one another character traits that improve (neuroticism and you can disinhibition) otherwise drop off (agreeableness and you can withdrawal) the chances regarding nomophobia, along with addictive routines (waterpipe smoking). Likewise, the latest Identity Inventory to own DSM-5 is legitimate, short, and you may fast to manage and you can highlights extremely important feature domain names worth further research in the people with nomophobia.


Nomophobia profile was in fact examined adopting a questionnaire rather than as a result of an excellent logical interviews; due to this, the solutions might also is some discrepancies on account of participants not trying to tell you vulnerabilities otherwise because of bear in mind and you can pointers bias. Additionally, the brand new NMP-Q isn’t made to make the diagnosis from nomophobia-it could merely aid in brand new evaluating procedure for the illness-and additional review from the good psychologist or psychiatrist is needed to result in the definite analysis, and this as mentioned before is still getting investigated. Likewise, new NMP-Q, like all hi5 logowanie nomophobia surveys, does not have a beneficial cutoff section and you will what is actually considered significant in this research is seen as average an additional. Yet not, we think certain that significant nomophobia once the discussed inside study contributes to impairment, because strongly has an effect on the business and you can social longevity of the person. Together with, choice prejudice has been expose by the refusal speed. Suggestions bias is definitely contained in observational education due to the fact players are most likely in order to overestimate otherwise underestimate the periods. A residual confounding prejudice is even it is possible to since there are points which could had been of the nomophobia however, weren’t pulled under consideration.


To close out, this study exhibited the new relationship between certain character traits and nomophobia one of an example from Lebanese adults. As the digital play with becomes more commonplace in this private and you can elite existence, nomophobia you are going to be a danger factor having anxiety, and you will susceptible somebody should know the threats. Future training will be work at preventive and cures tips on the version of awareness strategies. One of the numerous lines out of lookup you will definitely talk about the sorts of facts some one create and their electronic devices in addition to their reference to nomophobia.

If you find yourself research towards the community and its own effect on nomophobia do can be found, six plus theoretic models such mindfulness, seven,8 look into the characteristics as well as their reference to nomophobia try without having. Whilst dating anywhere between character traits and you will nomophobia might have been looked within the past studies, nine,ten extremely important attribute domain names for example bad affect, detachment, disinhibition, antagonism, and you will psychoticism haven’t been investigated.

The intention of this study were to identify the typical items of the nomophobia from inside the a giant decide to try out of Lebanese grownups, particularly looking at their reference to personality traits and other sociodemographic points that may subscribe to the medical diagnosis like intercourse, parental standing, and you can puffing (tobacco and you may waterpipe).

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